The Longevity Revolution
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This site is a resource for those interested in new dimensions to later life. It highlights research that challenges long-held beliefs about ageing and generates a positive attitude to living longer.

The Longevity Revolution: Later life - Is it a movable feast?  How much is genetic? Or is it down to lifestyle choices, motivation and attitudes?

There is growing awareness that ‘active ageing’, social engagement and community participation can radically alter for the better how later life is experienced. The challenge for society is to make these things happen.

Cost of ageing population 'needs re-calculating'. BBC news (10/09/10).

What does retirement mean for you? BBC News (07/09/10)

View clips from documentary, The Boomer Century: 1946–2046 hosted by Ken Dychtwald, one of the leading American thinkers on the 'Age Wave'.

'Use it and grow it'. A brain that is being stretched is building cognitive reserve. Read about the concept of Cognitive Reserve on SharpBrains.

Open University student Dr Edward Brech achieved Britain's first doctorate in British management history at the age of 85. He went on to be awarded an MBE 9 years later. He was cited for services to the subject in the Queen's Birthday Honours list. It follows his 16-year project to research, collate and write a five-volume work, The Evolution of Modern Management in Britain 1852 to 1979.
"It's nice to be honoured", said Dr Brech, of Esher, Surrey. "But more importantly, this is the first official, establishment recognition of the subject. I'd like to see it as a module on a university syllabus."

'A great new day!'