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This Chair Rocks

Ashton Applewhite Interview

A Manifesto Against Ageism"  11 Mar 2016

Pro-ageing activist, Ashton Applewhite talksabout rewiring the way we look at ageing. They discuss how she started This Chair Rocks, finding that older people have better mental health than young and middle-aged people, and came to the conclusion that most of the effects of ageing come from an inner-perception based on consumer attitudes. She also breaks the myth of Alzheimer's, only 2% of Americans have the disease and most cases are actually misdiagnoses based on our own anxiety over memory loss. 

Rewire Me:

Amelia Conway believes when what we can or can't do is determined by our age, we are limiting ourselves and our society. At the age of 11, Amelia started directing commercials, short films, and documentaries. 4 years later, she reflects on defying ageism, how she has benefited, and her hopes for the future. Amelia Conway is a film maker of short films, music videos and commercials. She is also fourteen years old, and can’t figure out whyher age is such a big deal. Amelia made her debut in the entertainment industry when she co-hosted a radio show on the internet station “Little Radio” at seven years old. Since her radio days, she has gone on to make several short films and music videos.

The pro-age revolution | Cindy Joseph | TEDxStGeorge

Cindy Joseph was a make-up artist for 27 years, working with super models and celebrities for beauty and fashion campaigns and magazines. At 50 she was approached on a New York city street corner and asked to model for a world-wide Dolce and Gabbana campaign which led to her 14 year long modeling career, which is still going strong today. 

Now, at 63, she is spearheading the Pro-age Revolution in hope to shift societies anti-agist stance to a pro-age point of view. (7.54 min.)