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I am an adult educator with a background in psychology and adult learning. I teach in the Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. My subjects are psychology, how to 'maintain the brain', improve memory, and wellbeing and happiness . 
My thesis, which can be accessed below is an exploration into older adults’ preferred learning and communication styles and how these fit with recent neuroscience insights into adult learning. Once open, click copy icon and file, if required).
Contact - Val Bissland
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Thesis-Ways of learning in later life

Val's other websites:
Brainpower - Developments in the brain sciences, keeping memory and the brain in good shape.
Spring into Life - A springboard for personal development, good health and happiness in times of transition.
The Science of Happiness- This branch of positive psychology is attracting interest from politicians and poets alike. Learn why and how to notch up your 'happiness index'!
Below is a link to my album of pictures takes at the annual conference of the Association of Education and Ageing (AEA) at the Open University in Milton Keynes, September 2013. Click arrows to move back and forth through slide show.

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Val Bissland, Strathclyde University