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 This website is a resource for adult educators on a range of learning and teaching issues with links to useful web resources.


Keeping a learning journal: Study skills advice sheet (Worcester University).


Resources for teachers by Dr Janet Elder, a specialist in study skills.


Mind Matters Dr Pat Wolfe's website dedicated to the translation of brain research to classroom practice. Watch clip and read summary of chapters of her book - A study guide on Brain Matters: Translating research into classroom practice.


YouTube links - Brain Structure and functions

Brain Fitness 1/8 - Introduction (2.28 min.)

Brain Fitness 2/8 - Brain plasticity - (10 min.)

Daniel Goleman - Social Intelligence (4.11 min)


The New Science of Learning:  10 page excerpt from opening chapter by Keith Sawyer (2006). An introduction to a student-oriented way of looking at learning, drawing on research from psychology, education, computer science and anthropology. 

The traditional vision of learning, with its 'instructionism' is now considered deeply flawed, and learning for a deeper conceptual understanding is considered appropriate for the modern complex world, where students learn by actively participating in their own learning.


Watch interview with Prof. Janet Young: Collaborative Learning Case Studies.

Principles Wheel - Click for more detail

* rote memorisation for surface knowledge
* problem solving for deeper understanding and technical/scholastic knowledge
* learning from experience that produces a "feel" for things (implicit knowledge) and performance knowledge.

Links to general AL articles and clips.

Adult Learning Theory: (See other generalist writers on the Books page)

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Val Bissland MA, BA, EdD, MBPsS - Adult Educator at Strathclyde University's Centre for Lifelong Learning, Glasgow. Specialism: Learning in Later Life. 
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