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In the News

The Internet is a good resource for up-to-date information on the latest research.
Steps to a nimble mind: Physical and Mental exercise help keep the brain fit.  Neurobics can make a difference to your brain. Neurobics includes life-long learning, trying new things, a healthy diet, social interactions, sleep and physical activity. "Exercise can actually increase neurogenesis and increase the size of the hippocampus. Exercise also increases youth hormones. And novelty, doing new things, builds branches." Neurology Professor Vincent Fortanasce. Read article in AM News..

Building a better brain "Traits formerly considered to be fixed are really not," says Psychology Professor Richard Davidson. "There are characteristics that can be changed through training." One way of training the brain is meditation — a  focus of Davidson’s work.


Learning & the Brain in the News from the Learning and the Brain Society.


Neuroscience in the News - Science explained in a pictorial and entertaining way that everyone can understand - Dr Eric Chudler - 'Neuroscience for Kids'
The Brain Connection : A web resource from Posit Science creators of the Brain Fitness Programme.
 A Fresh Look at Brain-Based Education by Dr Eric Jensen. "Nothing is more relevant to educators than the brains of their students, parents, or staff. Brain-based education is here to stay."
Recommended articles at New Horizons for Learning, 2004. (Although these articles are at least 5 years old many are very worthwhile and show how neuroscience has developed.)
Move Into Life defines 9 essential skills the brain uses to thrive. Through her understanding of how to use movement, Anat Baniel provides simple, safe activities and mental exercises to incorporate into everyday activities. Watch interview with Anat Baniel.

Recently it has become clear that a variety of factors can influence how we age - including intellectual engagement, social interaction, physical activity, diet and controlling stress. Articles in Frontiers of Neuroscience.

Brainworks - Feed your brain with the latest findings in neuroscience research from the Dana Foundation
Read brain plasticity expert Dr Michael Merzenich's blog - On the Brain.

Visit SharpBrains. This site provides science-based information and guidance for brain health and fitness. See selected SharpBrains articles below.
Does cognitive training work? (For Whom? For What?) Cognitive training can help healthy adults improve specific cognitive skills, and improvements seem to last longer than the training itself (Willis et al., 2006; Smith et al., 2009). However you need to make informed choices.
Brain fitness & training heads towards its tipping point - the cognitive fitness field holds exciting promise for the future.
Interview with psychologist Norman Doidge who has written The Brain That Changes Itself - a compelling collection of tales about the amazing abilities of the brain to rewire, readjust and relearn after trauma or injury.
Mark Your Calendar for Brain Awareness Week 2011 and beyond!
  • March 14-20, 2011
  • March 12-18, 2012