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Steps to a nimble mind

Neurochemicals are continuously washing through our brains, each exerting its own influence on our feelings and behaviour. Dopamine is involved in motivation and reward, and noradrenalin produces an outward-looking state. Stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine, interfere with attentive, memory and learning.


We boost our brains when we enjoy ourselves - on the move, eating well, relaxing, meeting people, planning and remembering. Also, when you challenge the brain with new skills and new ways of doing things, it increases the number and strength of connections. This is because the brain is infinitely malleable. This mallability is called neuroplasticity.

Below are short videos that illustrate these ideas.

Neurons and how they work

The brain and its complexity (4.51 secs, Discovery Channel)

Brain Plasticity (Sandrine Thuret) -Neural brain cell researcher. Watch her TED Talk.

Brain HQ and the 'Active Study'. A 10 year trial comparing 3 kinds of cognitive training. Speed training gave a 33% risk reduction of developing AD.

Read about study above and its result.

Brain Fitness with John Byrne (Interview - 26 mins approx.).


The Secret Life of the Grown-Up Brain - Occasional Forgetfulness Just Part of the Picture. Book by Barbara Strauch



Solving the Brain Fitness Puzzle Is the Key to Self-Empowered Aging: What works to pre­serve cog­ni­tive abil­i­ties? SharpBrains.

10 Highly Habits of Highly Effective Brains. SharpBrains.

Sharpbrains 30 most popular articles

Science Daily: If you're over 60, drink up - alcohol associated with better memory

Is 100 the new 80? (Scientific American)

An Interactive Sleep Quiz - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Dana: The website that sponsors Brain Awareness Week

Brain Training

SharpBrains: Brain teasers and games

BrainHQ (Posit Science) - Exercise your memory, attention, and more.

Healthy Brain Prescriptions Powerpoint